One Year Writing in the Margins

can change
a life . . .








including your own.

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Would you
give students
one year
of your life
if your love
of writing
could inspire
them for the rest
of theirs? 




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One Year Writing in the Margins
is an initiative challenging teachers and writers to spend one year
facilitating creative writing workshops outside the academy, in
at-risk communities, where the transforming powers of reading
and writing can be a matter of life and death.


How to get involved . . .

1.  Help spread the word, and invite others to consider taking up the challenge.

2.  Inquire with a current program about teaching opportunities, and join them if possible.  Or fill a need by starting your own workshop for an at-risk population in your local prison, jail, juvenile detention, homeless shelter, family support center, public school system, addiction recovery organization, or community center.

3.  Reach out to existing programs for ideas, inspiration, and practical tools, and if possible visit the program closest to you for an on-the-ground experience.

4.  Follow us on social media.

5.  Donate.  

6.  Volunteer.

7.  Take up the One Year Writing in the Margins challenge.  Commit to one year.  Begin.


Ready to help?

Get started


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